Loading bay control:
Efficient. Transparent. Simple.

  • Reduces pass-through time
  • Reduces load peaks
  • Enables booking of optimal loading times
  • Supports optimization of ressource planning
  • Facilitates the medium-term control of capacities

Management of time slots and loading bays with flow Slot

Freight forwarders consider both reducing of lead times and minimization of standing and wating times of great importance. In order to reduce loading peaks and as a consequence thereof to optimize the distribution of loadings per time slot, industry and commerce have to control their loading bays in an efficient and economical way. For this purpose, flow Slot offers the following functions stand-alone or highly integrative within flow:

Benefits for on-site logistics, freight forwarders, logistics providers and customers

  • Improved utilization and repartition of loading bay ressources for freight forwarders, plant logistics and carriers
  • Optimized provision of goods to be loaded
  • Reduction of standing and waiting times for vehicles
  • Status updates and control without many manual operations
  • Real time transparency over the current situation at the loading bays and deviations concerning the scheduling
  • Quick adjustment of capacities in case of bottlenecks or overruns

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