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As an expert for intelligent transport management, we provide integrated solutions including management consulting, traffic flow analysis and operation of your systems.

  • Optimized transport and material flow

  • Yard Management: process internal traffic

  • Slot booking & loading bay management

  • Online safety instructions

  • Visitor management

  • Electronic ADR checks

  • Central storage of freight documents

  • flow Cloud Services

Efficient transport management with flow

flow displays, manages and controls all business processes for chemical sites and industrial yards integrating the interest of all process participants and their business partners: customers, service providers, freight fowarders as well as carriers. Aiming at holistic site efficiency optimization with absolute transparency of single processes and costs.

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Create internal shunting orders via drag’n’drop

flow On-site provides a real-time overview of all assets on your industrial site. Shunting orders can be created via drag’n’drop or automatically.

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