Dangerous goods inspections
User-friendly. Intuitive. Flexible.

  • Digital tests
  • Configurable
  • Responsive design
  • Photo documentation
  • Digital signature

Maximise your benefits with flowInspection:
Drive-related inspections – fast, convenient, digital!

The flowInspection module is our innovative solution for the digital implementation and convenient documentation of mandatory vehicle inspections at the entrance, exit or loading bay.

Mobile application
Improved user-friendliness with a responsive design on the tablet during the inspection by plant security directly on the vehicle.
You can now carry out all checks on different end devices.

Individual configuration options
The checks can be customised according to individual requirements. An inspection consists of one or more checklists, depending on the type of inspection.

All in one place
No more switching between different applications – everything you need is now centralised in one location.

Digital documentation
Test reports are available in digital form and can be analysed immediately.

Multi-stage project
This is just the beginning! We are working on introducing further exciting improvements and new developments.

It’s in your hands – no matter on which device

Responsive design

Experience flowInspection’s improved user-friendliness in a responsive design. The ability to adapt to different screen sizes and types gives you a seamless user experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Whether in portrait or landscape format, the user experience remains consistent and easy to use.

Testing options

Entry test ✔️
After passing the test, the trailer may be allowed to enter the factory.

Exit test ✔️
This test determines whether the trailer and driver have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to take part in road traffic.

Loading inspections ✔️
These inspections document whether the respective loading operations have been carried out correctly. The checks are performed before loading, during loading and after loading.

Dangerous goods checks/ ADR checks ✔️
Every lorry transporting dangerous goods is checked separately as part of the dangerous goods inspection.

Manual exceptional check ✔️
In legitimate cases, the user can decide at the gate whether a special check is to be carried out for the journey (e.g. in the event of visible damage to the vehicle or special transport characteristics).

Random check ✔️
A spot check can be arranged for a certain percentage of journeys depending on the journey characteristics through the configuration in flow.

Customer-specific checks ✔️
Additional check types can be generated as part of the customer-specific configuration.

To finalise: documentation and digital signature

  • In addition to the digitalised check points, it is also possible to take photos of a check or add a comment.
  • The test is completed with the digital signature of the driver or the inspector.
  • Performed and completed tests are saved digitally in the form of PDF test reports. These can be sent to relevant persons, e.g. employees of the loading point, haulage companies, carriers, by e-mail or they can be archived.
Live Demo für die LKW Zulaufsteuerung mit der Yard Management Software flow

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