Intelligent processing of transports: Efficient. Safe. Transparent.

  • Fast processing at loading bays
  • Highest safety standards
  • Real-time information
  • Transparent processes
  • More capacity for increased throughput

flow – optimized movement of goods

flow Transportprozess

Our modular yard management system flow offers continuous and efficient yard control in real time.

flow holisticly records and controls the traffic management in chemical and industrial parks. Flexible interfaces with third-party applications and intelligent technology allow the flow system to provide all functions for a continuous and efficient traffic management in real-time.

flow modules

The flow modules are building blocks that can either be combined into the flow eco system or can be used as a standalone functionalities.

flow slot

Book or reserve slots and control your loading bays

Drive-related inspections – fast, convenient, digital!

Provision of online-accessable safety instructions

flow on-site

Simple and transparent control of internal yard traffic

Innovative technologies

flow integrates newest innovations with existing technology – and controls processes for optimal efficiency and value. Highest process safety and full transparence are ensured.

Automatized check-in and check-out without leaving the vehicle

  • Using RFID identification, drivers as well as associated transport orders are automatically identified while approaching the gate.

  • Drivers are identified using biometric identification at the self-service terminals without leaving the vehicle.

  • flow records all printed documents of a drive during the transport processing in the plant. During exit, the documents are printed automatically for the driver to collect them.

Driver self-service terminal

RFID identification


Printing of documents

Self-serviced weighing for drivers

  • The driver logs into the flow system using the flowcard and an NFC-capable smartphone.

  • The driver starts the vehicle weighing by holding the smartphone near the flow Touchpoint

  • The weighing voucher is automatically stored in flow and is sent to the driver via email to the smartphone.

Mobile apps

With the flow2go app family, particular functions and process steps of the whole flow process chain can be easily operated in real time on tablets, smartphones or handheld devices whereever you want to. flow functions that also can be used independently are for instance:


  • Check off items on the milestone checklist using mobile device
  • Documentation of pictures, remarks, driver signature
  • Electronic logging and storing of check results

Record orders for un/-loading

  • Record time of arrival at loading bay
  • Call to the loading bay
  • Loading begin
  • Securing of cargo captured on photo
  • Loading end

Self-initiated weighing

  • Driver log-in and authorization
  • Weighing via flow Touchpoint (NFC) WITHOUT terminal
  • Send weighing voucher to driver and handover to flow or other systems

flow Cloud

In the flow Cloud we develop logistics services being fully compatible with the standard flow functionalities. After registration they can be used completely flexible and are paid per use – without investment costs. Comfortable, with assured data integrity and protection, guaranteed service levels and continuous functional development.

Central storage for freight documents

Developped together with our partner GBK Gefahrgut Büro Ingelheim, TP1 offers 24/7 real-time service for the caption and provision of documents in accordance with the EU Terms.

ADR and safety checks

The recording of the truck and driver data, including a secure digital transaction, documentation and storage of ADR checks is available as a service as well.

Timeslot and loading bay management

Allocating and booking of slots as well as controlling loading bays: further functions are offered as a full-featured service including recording procedures of all processes and involved parties.

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