Contactless. Simple. Automated.

  • Validated driver data in advance
  • Validated vehicle data in advance
  • QR-code for contactless access
  • Automatic transfer of data into flow
  • Acceleration of the access
  • Automatic access through ANPR connection

Contactless and digitized yard management with flow and CTC Wallet

Eingabe der Daten in die App
QR Scan zur Datenübertragung in flow

Can you keep the required distances? – Do you want to avoid the risk of infection through direct contact? – Do you have long truck waiting times but no space? – Your plant security requirements are very high? – Do you want to guarantee loading liability?

We have the solution!

With the driver’s mobile pre-check-in via the CTC Wallet app and the ability to access and exit contactless with the truck by submitting data in advance and access verification via barcode and/or automatic license plate recognition through ANPR the access and exit can be granted.

contactless driver Check-In

Truck handling in times of Corona – a contactless check-in and check-out for truck traffic at your industrial site is becoming increasingly important.

Variant 1:
Here, the fully automated and contactless access is done by scanning the QR code from the CTC Wallet App and matching the license plate with the automatic license plate recognition (ANPR*) and assigning the license plate to the corresponding trip in our Yard Management System flow.
Variant 2:
Also for self-service check-in, the validated data is transferred to flow by scanning the QR code, enabling automated and contactless access.
Variant 3:
During check-in at the counter, the data can be supplemented and checked again by the counter staff after the QR code has been scanned into the Yard Management System flow. After that, access is granted.

Watch our product video for contactless and automated truck access and dispatch including ANPR license plate recognition by integrating the driver APP CTC Wallet in flow.

Have fun watching it.

CTC Wallet App

The driver enters all the required information on the driver and vehicle in advance into the driver app CTC Wallet, which was developed in cooperation with the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) e.V. (Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal). In addition, the driver is provided with all required documents that must be presented. The driver, vehicle component and order data are linked and provided as an encrypted QR code after biometric authentication of the driver. In addition, the data can already be transferred online via an interface to our Yard Mangement System flow and are then already available in a validated form.

For further information and a video on the CTC Wallet app follow the link here.

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